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Congressman Claims Hundreds of Fetal Deaths Resulted from Essure

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Jonathan Hernandez2 years ago

WJLA News is reporting that a congressman from Pennsylvania is making new allegations about the number of fetal deaths linked to the birth control device known as Essure – which is a form of permanent birth control that is a set of coils that is interest into the fallopian tubes.

Background on the Issue regarding the Birth Control

Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick went to the press on Wednesday accompanied by an independent group to question whether or not the birth control device could be implicated in the deaths of hundreds of unborn children.

The independent group is known as The Essure Problems group, and it began on Facebook. When the group first formed a few years ago, it was just a group of women that were united by a single cause – complaints about the birth control device they were using.

Over the years, the group has grown. One of the founders of the group, Amanda Dykeman, said during a teleconference on Wednesday that she felt hopeless and as though she was being poisoned.

Pennsylvania republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick has come to the aid of the 27,000 women that now belong to the group. Congressman Fitzpatrick says that the women feel as though they’re being ignored by the FDA, manufacturers, and their health care providers.

Important Information about the Claims

The Congressman claims that the Food and Drug Administration has ignored as many as 303 fetal deaths that he claims can be linked to the use of Essure. The Congressman, and an independent group that has used Essure’s own data, say that Essure has caused miscarriages, stillborn deaths, and ectopic pregnancies, but that they have been misreported as injuries or malfunctions.

The Congressman told reporters that that the data is more than only numbers – it’s 300 children that were killed as a result of a product failure.

The Company’s Response to the Claims

The company that now sells the product, Bayer, dismissed the claims at a press conference, saying that it is not even true that there has been an investigation into unreported deaths with Essure. Bayer also claimed that the company reports any adverse reactions to the product directly to the FDA according to their regulations.

Bayer further stated that is it irresponsible to place the blame on the company for side effects stemming from an unsuccessful Essure procedure results in an undesired pregnancy that cannot be carried to full term.

The FDA has told WJLA News that it plans on looking thoroughly at all of the evidence and is working to conduct a review. The FDA will issue a public report regarding Essure later this month. 


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