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Construction Fatality Rates Rise for First Time in 6 Years

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

A release by the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor shows that construction workplace fatalities have experienced a spike for the first time in 6 years.

Bureau of Labor Release on Construction Fatalities

“One of the things that we have been noticing is that construction spending rates have been going up faster than employment numbers, in terms of percentage, so perhaps the [fatality] rate is up because you’ve got a comparable number of workers doing more work than they were a year ago.” – Brian Turmail, Associated General Contractors of America as published by Engineering News-Record

  • In 2012, the Bureau of Labor recorded a 5% increase in the number of construction related deaths.
  • This marks the first annual increase in six years, and runs counter to other industries as overall reports of work related fatalities fell by 6.6%.
  • According to the August 22 release, the private construction industry saw 775 workplace deaths.

Other Construction Fatality Statistics

  • The Worker Defense Project claims that 1 in every 5 construction workers will be injured on the job, but only 45% of construction workers are allegeable for workers’ compensation.
  • Texas is among the most deadly states for construction workers with 1 worker dying every 2.5 days, and roughly 16,900 accidents recorded each year.
  • Fort Worth and San Antonio hospitals reported construction workers account for nearly 20% of uncompensated dollars due to workplace injury despite the fact that construction workers make up less than 6% of the workforce.
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