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Consumer Reports Introduces New Hospital Safety Rating System

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

Consumer Reports and the Consumer Union’s Safe Patient Project are working to introduce a new ratings platform which will allow patients to make more informed decisions when choosing a hospital.

The “Our Ratings” Hospital Platform

“Patients and families shouldn’t have to make such important decisions with so little information.” – Lisa McGiffert, Director of the Consumer Union’s Safe Patient Project as published in the press release.

  • According to a Consumer Reports press release, 30 percent of patients who undergo surgery develop complications after leaving the hospital.
  • Consumer Reports hopes the new “Our Rating” system will present patients with a means to identify hospitals where post surgical complications and infections most often occur, allowing them to make an informed decision in regards to where they receive treatment.
  • The system will rate over 4,000 major hospitals around the U.S. depending on readmission rates, rates of infection, complications and adverse events using information from public sources including the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

About Consumer Reports and the Safe Patient Project

  • Consumer Reports is a non-profit organization that works to pass state and federal laws that protect consumers.
  • The Safe Patient Project is a branch of Consumer Reports’ Consumer Union which deals with legislature and actions involving patient safety.
  • The Safe Patient Project currently offers an outlet in which patients can share information and report medical mistakes to other consumers.

Botched Hip Surgery in San Antonio, Texas Makes List 

  • One such mistake was identified when an MRI done by a San Antonio Orthopedist found that an elderly woman who had received hip surgery not only had a severed nerve, but the muscle around the nerve was severely damaged to the point that it would never properly heal.
  • Other reports nationwide include a surgeon ignoring a young girl's latex allergy, numerous medication overdoses and a patient receiving the wrong transplant.
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