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Consumer Reports Warns Not to Use Spray-on Sunscreen on Kids

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Tina Robinson3 years ago

Spray-on sunscreen might seem like a good idea. It’s less messy than traditional lotion sunscreens and can offer a more even coating when applied properly. However, Consumer Reports is warning parents to avoid using spray-on sunscreen on children due to the risk of inhalation.

About the Spray-on Sunscreen Warning

The new warning comes after an announcement from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last month that the agency was launching an investigation into the safety of spray-on sunscreen. The concerns center around the possible risk of inhalation associated with these products – a risk that is magnified by the often-squirmy nature of children. While the FDA investigation results are pending, Consumer Reports says parents and consumers should err on the side of caution and follow this advice when it comes to spray-on sunscreens:

  • Avoid using spray-on sunscreen on children. If it is the only option available, first spray the sunscreen in your hand and then rub it on. Take extra care around face, especially the eyes and mouth.
  • It’s okay for adults to use spray-on sunscreen; however, never spray your face directly. Instead, apply it first to your hand and then rub it on.
  • Always make sure you’ve applied enough sunscreen. It’s best to apply an even coat, allow the product to dry, and then apply a second coat just to be safe. This holds especially true for windy days when it may work best just to use the hands-first method. 


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