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Consumers React to Recent J&J Baby Powder Verdict

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Paige Tears-Gladstone2 years ago

Consumer fears are realized after jury verdict directs Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million in a lawsuit connecting the company's talcum-based baby powder to ovarian cancer.

Consumers Denounce Talcum Powder Follwoing Verdict

The family of Jacqueline Fox sued Johnson & Johnson as they declared that the talcum powder (talc) in the corporation’s baby powder had led to her ovarian cancer and death.

While the company maintained that the cosmetic talc is safe to use, late Monday night, St. Louis jurors awarded the family $72 million in damages.

When the news broke, there was a visible decline in public sentiment regarding the company as many consumers used social media to disavow the talc baby powder.

How Big is the Risk?

While investors remain unruffled, shares went down 37 cents and public opinion was negative with many expressing fear as they questioned the danger of using talc as a main ingredient. Company spokeswoman, Carol Goodrich, addressed the public on Tuesday as she stated that the company strongly felt that the safety of the talc used was supported by decades of scientific evidence.

According to, studies done to determine the cancer-risk of asbestos-free talcum powder have been inconclusive and research continues; however, a previous study conducted by Harvard professor David Cramer found that talc powder was linked to 10,000 new cases of ovarian cancer every year.


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