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Convenience Store to Pay $716M for DUI Death

Tyler Kirchoff5 years ago

A Florida convenience store was recently hit with a $716 million verdict for selling alcohol to a minor who later caused a fatal drunk driving accident.

Details of the Wrongful Death Case

  • The accident occurred in Apollo Beach, Florida in 2008 when a 17-year-old high school senior, driving 95 mph, crashed his Chevy Camero into another vehicle, killing the 32-year-old driver.
  • The minor reportedly had a blood alcohol level of .135 an hour after the accident.
  • It was discovered that Best for Less Food Mart, a local convenience store, had sold alcohol to the minor prior to the accident.
  • The minor had reportedly purchased two six-packs, two bottles of malt liquor, and two other alcoholic beverages from the convenience store on the day of the accident.
  • Plaintiff’s attorneys alleged that the store owners had a practice of selling alcohol to minors for a premium price and had been cited for illegally selling alcohol on several occasions.
  • The jury awarded the victim’s family $716 million for their son’s wrongful death and the family's mental anguish.

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