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Country Clipper Lawn Mower Recall

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Danielle Dougall3 years ago

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the ignition module in the Country Clipper riding lawn mower is prone to unsuccessfully ground, causing it to overheat, melt, and cause a potential fire hazard.

About the Lawn Mower Recall

Shivvers Manufacturing Inc. has confirmed they have received four reports of the lawn mower ignition modules overheating and melting. There have been no reports of injuries in association with their recalled products.

The CPSC in accordance with Shivvers Manufacturing Inc. of Corydon, Iowa have recommended that consumers should stop using the recalled mowers immediately and connect with a Country Clipper supplier to receive a free product repair.

The Country Clipper riding lawn mowers were sold nationwide from October 2011 – May 2014 at retail prices ranging from $5,300 – $9,500.

Description of the Country Clipper Riding Lawn Mower Recall

  • This product recall involves the 2012-2014 models of the Country Clipper riding lawn mowers. The recalled mowers include those featuring a 27 HP Command CV740 or Kohler Courage SV740 twin cylinder engines. 
    • The Command engine is dark gray in color and has the product style name and number printed on a label on the side by its engine adjacent to the air filter.
    • The Courage engine is black in color and has the style name and number printed on a label atop its covering.
  • The recalled mowers also feature controls with either a joystick or double steering arms.
  • The manufacture dates were from October 2011-May 2014 and include the following model names: Challenger, Charger, Edge, Jazee, Jazee Pro and Jazee Pro DLX. Among the model years and model numbers recalled are:
    • Model Year 2012
      • 2748KOJ-SR225
      • 2748KOJ-SR375
      • 2748KOT-SR225
      • 2752KOJ-SR225
      • 2752KOJ-SR375
      • 2752KOJL-SR375
      • 2752KOT-SR225
      • 2752KOT-SR375
      • 2760KOHJ-SR375
      • 2760KOHT-SR375
      • 2760KOJ-SR375
      • 2760KOJ-SR1025
      • 2760KOJ-SR1220
      • 2760KOJ-SR1220L
      • 2760KOT-SR375
      • 2760KOT-SR1025
      • 2760KOT-SR1220
    • Model Year 2013
      • 2752KOJ-SR400
      • 2752KOJ-SR500
      • 2752KOT-SR400
      • 2752KOT-SR500
      • 2760KOJ-SR400
      • 2760KOJ-SR500
      • 2760KOJ-SR1030
      • 2760KOJ-SR1500
      • 2760KOT-SR400
      • 2760KOT-SR500
      • 2760KOT-SR1030
      • 2760KOT-SR1500
    • Model Year 2014
      • 2752KOJ-505
      • 2752KOT-505
      • 2760KOJ-505
      • 2760KOJ-1035
      • 2760KOJ-1505
      • 2760KOT-505
      • 2760KOT-1035
      • 2760KOT-1505


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