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Day Care Worker Arrested in Florida for Child Abuse

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Lilly Mashayak1 year ago

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Belinda Greer, a 57-year-old daycare worker at Children’s House of Learning in Sorrento, was arrested Tuesday on a child abuse charge.

About the Child Abuse Charge

Deputies say Greer pulled a chair from under a 4-year-old boy, causing him to hit his head. According to surveillance footage, the incident occurred when Greer was reading a book in front of her class while the children, all 3- or 4-year-olds were eating lunch.

In the video, Greer is seen talking to the boy when he starts to scoot away from the table. Records show that Greer told authorities the boy had started to throw a tantrum and was crying. Then she got up and pulled the chair from under the boy, causing him to hit his head against the chair, investigators said. In the surveillance footage, the boy is seen crying on the floor for about five minutes.

Another teacher was in the room at the time and told the director at the day care about the incident. However, deputies said the parents only found out about the incident after a tipster notified the Florida Department of Children and Families and investigated it. 

Greer was moved to a different location, but still taught for the facility. According to the day care’s website, they have facilities in both Sorrento and Tavares.

The child was taken to have an exam by authorities and was found with no injuries. Authorities said he told investigators, however, that the teacher had also punched him in the leg during another incident.

While Greer admitted to pulling the chair from under the boy to investigators, she said it was not intentional and that he didn’t hit his head. She left him on the floor to cool down from throwing a fit, she said. 

Problems Tracking Daycare Related Incidents

The following information was provided by Childcare Aware of America:

  • Nearly 11 million children are in child care programs in the United States
  • 2003 is the last year a study of child fatalities in child care was published.
  • As of 2014, there is still no federal reporting requirement for child fatalities in child care in the United States.
  • Twelve states do not require any report of children’s deaths in child care centers, while 11 states do not require the reporting of children’s deaths in family child care homes.


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