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Day Care Worker Pleads Guilty to Harming Autistic Boy

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Alexandrea Messner2 years ago

Angel Causey saw one of her worst nightmares come true last week when she watched a video of a day care worker cover the face of her then 4-year-old son with a blanket and hold it there for several minutes.

The teacher, who was attempting to put the boy down for a nap, then rolled him up in the blanket, tucked it around his neck, and bound his ankles with it. She proceeded to drop him face-forward onto his cot and then cover his whole body with another blanket where he remained for at least an hour and a half.

About the Day Care Abuse

According to reports, the daycare worker, Amanda McKee, pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree unlawful imprisonment, a class C misdemeanor. She had worked at the Decatur Baptist childcare center for 12 years and has been the victim, Max Causey's, teacher for the last year and a half.

The act occurred directly in front of the camera with the top half of the classroom door open, making it appear that Mckee was not trying to hide her actions.

Max Causey has high-functioning autism and for the last six months, he hasn't liked for his face to be touched. His phobia became so severe that he would even refuse to wear t-shirts as they had to be pulled over his face.

His parents only found out that something was wrong when he came home from school with what appeared to be broken capillaries all over his face and swollen lips.

Hospital Confirms Injuries

After a trip to the hospital, Max was diagnosed with petechiae, but his blood work came back clear. When Max was terrified to return to school and begging his mother to let him stay home, she urged him to share what had happened.

When Max told his mother of the incident, she went straight to his teacher, McKee, to sort out what had happened. McKee admitted to covering Max's face and said she would not do it again, but this was not enough for the Causeys. They proceeded to speak to the director of the daycare, Mindy Monroe, and tell her that they wanted McKee fired.

When the family still had not seen the videos from the church, they went to the police so that they could request the tapes.

Both the church and McKee cooperated with police and the DA explored the case for a while. According to assistant district attorney Garrick Vickery, “Since it was something that happened at a daycare, a lot of folks had their antennas up.”

On April 25th, 2013, McKee was arrested. The case was postponed twice and McKee ended up pleading guilty on August 28th. She received a 30-day suspended sentence and 12 months of probation.


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