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Day Care Workers Accused of Running Children’s “Fight Club”

Stephanie Samedi1 year ago

According to reports, two former day care workers in Cranford, New Jersey have been accused of starting and encouraging fights among the children on the playground, referring to it as “Fight Club”.

Prosecutors Investigate Disturbing Video

Both Erica Kenny, 22, and Chanese White, 28, have been charged with fourth degree child abuse. Kenny has also been charged with third degree endangering the welfare of a child.  

Investigations revealed that the pair encouraged fights between children ages 4 to 6 at Lightbridge Academe in Cranford, New Jersey. Kenny has been accused of using her phone to record the altercations between the children and referencing “Fight Club” several times.

About 12 boys and girls can be seen in the video recordings. Fortunately, it does not appear that any of the children suffered serious injuries from the abuse.

Union County Assistant Prosecutor Michael Sheets is prosecuting the case with evidence gathered by the Prosecutor’s Office’s Special Victims Unit.

Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics

The following information was provided by the National Children’s Alliance:

  • In 2013, an estimated 679,000 children were victims of abuse and neglect.
  • Among the 244,000 alleged offenders, 154,529 were over the age of 18.
  • Data shows that children under the age of 1 are at the highest risk of being victims of abuse, with 23.1 children per 1,000 being abused or neglected.
  • Nearly 80 percent of child abuse and neglect fatalities were caused by the victim’s parents.


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