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Daycare Cited After Child Chokes to Death

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Deirnesa Jefferson1 year ago

A daycare in Greenville, South Carolina is under investigation following the death of a child

About the Fatal Accident 

A one-year-old girl, Sydney Ryan Alongio died after choking on food at the Creative Kids daycare earlier in May WSPA reports.   The coroner's office said that the lunch menu for that day included meatballs. Two adults were caring for the child along with ten other children in the toddler room of the day care facility.

The daycare attempted CPR and the Heimlich maneuver on the child before deputies and EMS arrived.

Alongio was taken by EMS to the Pediatric Emergency Room of the Children’s Hospital at Greenville Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead on Wednesday. 

The Department of Social Services conducted an investigation and Creative Kids Daycare has been cited twice for improper preparation of food and inadequate supervision. The center was also placed on a corrective plan which includes a health and nutrition consultant. 

Tips to Prevent Infant Choking 

According to Mayo Clinic you can take some simple steps to prevent infant choking. 

  • Don't offer high-risk foods. Don't give babies or young children hot dogs, chunks of meat or cheese, grapes, raw vegetables or fruit chunks, unless they're cut up into small pieces. Don't give babies or young children hard foods, such as seeds, nuts, popcorn and hard candy that can't be changed to make them safe options. Other high-risk foods include peanut butter, marshmallows and chewing gum.
  • Supervise mealtime. As your child gets older, don't allow him or her to play, walk or run while eating. Remind your child to chew and swallow his or her food before talking. Don't allow your child to throw food in the air and catch it in his or her mouth or stuff large amounts of food in his or her mouth.


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