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Daycare Owner Cited for Leaving Children in Hot Bus

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adriana_trevino2 years ago

According to WOWT, a daycare owner sparked outrage after responding with “I don’t care” when confronted by a passer-by who noticed he had left two young children in a hot bus.

Daycare Owner Facing Charges of Child Neglect

In Omaha, Nebraska, a day care owner, identified as Cager Haynes, is being cited for leaving a ten-month-old and a two-year-old unattended in a hot vehicle. The bus that the two children were in belongs to Little Big League Academy.

Haynes was approached by a woman and her daughter after they heard a child screaming from inside the vehicle. When they told Haynes about reporting him, he responded with “I don’t care, call whoever you want to call”.

Haynes said a teenager was supposed to be watching the kids while he went inside Chuckee Cheese “for only a minute”. However, Surveillance video footage captured Haynes going into the restaurant with the teenager that was supposed to watch the two children. The time they left the children unattended determined to be 24 minutes.

According to the National Weather Service, the temperature at that time was 88 degrees with a “feels like” temperature of 91 degrees. While the children are doing well, the outcome could have easily been much worse given the heat index.

As for Haynes, he has been cited for two counts of “child neglect”.

Child Vehicular Heat Stroke Facts

The following information was provided by

  • Even with windows cracked, the temperature inside a vehicle can exceed 100 degrees within minutes. In fact, 80% of temperature increases happen within the first ten minutes of the car being shut off.
  • Fatal instances of heatstroke have been recorded in vehicles in which the outside temperature was as low as 60 degrees.
  • Children’s bodies overheat three to five times faster than adult bodies.
  • An average of 37 children die from vehicular heat stroke every year. That is one death every nine days.


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