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Daycare Provider in Salina, Kansas Accused of Hurting Child

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Emma D'Arpino1 year ago

KWCH news is reporting that Christine Knipp, owner of Christy’s Kiddie Garden, was arrested after bruises were found on a child’s neck. 

About the Daycare Provider’s Arrest

After the allegations that she bruised a child’s neck, Christine Knipp has said she will no longer watch children.  Knipp has a daycare provider’s license in Kansas, and had been running Christy’s Kiddie Garden since August 2015.   

Salina Police say that the 4-year-old girl’s mother contacted the police after she found bruises on her daughter’s neck.  Cap. Mike Sweeney said, “In talking to the child and looking at the bruising, it appeared to be consistent with strangulation.”  Once the police believed the bruises to be linked to strangulation, they began an investigation that lead them to arrest Knipp for aggravated battery. 

However, Knipp claims that she did not touch the child’s face or neck.  Knipp said there was one time she grabbed the child’s arm, and that was in an effort to prevent the 4-year-old from falling.   Knipp says she told the girl’s mother about that instance, and she also immediately notified families at Christy’s Kiddie Garden of her arrest.    

While Salina Police could not further explain what specifically led them to accuse Knipp, they still stand by their recommended charges.

The county’s attorney’s office will now decide whether to file charges.

Important Information on Child Abuse

According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS):

  • In 2006, there was an estimated total of 905,000 children that were victims of abuse or neglect.
  • Additionally, 16 % of those 905, 000 children were physically abused. 
  • Child care providers reported nearly one percent of all child abuse and neglect cases. 


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