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Deadly Tandem Bicycle Crash Results in Arrest

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David Turnbull4 years ago

According to the Tampa Bay Times, two cyclists riding a tandem bicycle were involved in a hit-and-run accident along the Memorial Causeway in the City of Clearwateron Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

Driver Arrested for Involvement in Fatal Bicycle Accident

  • The driver stated to the Clearwater police that he “blacked out” while driving and did not remember the crash.  It is unclear if the driver was intoxicated
  • As a result of the impact, Rob Lemon, 25, and Hilary Michalak, 27, were thrown 50 feet from one another. Both were found unconscious on the shoulder of the highway the next morning.
  • Despite wearing helmets, Mr. Lemon suffered fatal injuries and Ms. Michalak has entered into a coma.  
  • The driver, Christopher Patrick Weed, confessed to being involved in the accident and was charged with two felony counts of leaving the scene of a crash: one for death and one for injury. 

Florida is the Top State in the U.S. for Bicycle Fatalities

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that of a total of 677 bicycle fatalities in 2011, approximately 18 percent of all deaths occurred in Florida.
  • The 125 bicycle deaths are a result of the state having some of the most dangerous roads in the nation according to several sources.  
  • Located in Pinellas County, Memorial Causeway is adjacent to US 19, the most dangerous road in the United States.
Cycling Enthusiasts had Grand Hopes and Dreams
  • Rob Lemon and Hilary Michalak had dreams of owning a bicycle shop in the area.
  • Both held a strict rule of wearing helmets at all times and staying in the bicycle lane. 
  • Mr. Lemon was identified by an anklet he wore in case he was ever hit by a vehicle, and both were aware of the high fatality rate for cyclists and pedestrians
  • While attending Michigan State Unversity, Lemon rode 100 miles, three times a week to visit Michalak after developing a passion for cycling.
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