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Delphi Automotive Named in Two Lawsuits

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Tina Robinson3 years ago

Delphi Automotive joins General Motors as a defendant listed in lawsuits stemming from the ignition switch recall. According to Reuters, Delphi has been named in at least two lawsuits.

More about Delphi Automotive

Those following the GM ignition switch recall know Delphi as the manufacturer of the faulty switches linked to 13 deaths. Multiple lawsuits have already named GM, but now the part maker has been drawn into litigation as well.

One of the lawsuits naming was filed by a former employee of Delphi whose daughter was killed in 2013 in a crash involving a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt. The other suit was filed by GM customers claiming the recall has caused vehicles to lose economic value.

Delphi and GM

Delphi began as a subsidiary of GM until it became an independent company in 1999. GM is still Delphi’s largest customer, accounting for 17% of the part maker’s net sales.

The question of how much liability can be placed on Delphi centers around how many “meaningful design decisions” its engineers made involving the defective ignition switches. Rep. Marsha Blackburn in a Congressional hearing Tuesday said that engineers from both companies were involved in the design of the switch. According to Blackburn, both companies “have a shared responsibility and liability in this entire issue.”

Documents submitted to Congressional investigators showed that Delphi informed GM that the part tested below specifications but was accepted anyways.

Over the past two months, GM has recalled approximately 2.6 million vehicles with defective ignition switches. Extra weight on the ignition key or merely being bumped by drivers can cause vehicles to suddenly lose power and other safety features. 


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