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Dentofacial Injuries Common in Field Hockey

Chelcy Williams1 year ago

According to Medscape, medical experts issue concerns about field hockey injuries and stress the importance of mouth guards due to recent research finding.

About the Field Hockey Injury Study

Like most athletes, field hockey players are not immune to injuries on the field. With that in mind, a recent report by medical researchers at Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam in the Netherlands cautions players on the non-use of mouth guards.

Researchers behind a recent analysis looked at prior research to determine how common lower facial injuries were and whether players are using protective measures like mouth guards.

Researchers combined 11 different reports that looked at injuries to players' teeth, jaws, lips and cheeks. They also included studies on the number of players who own and regularly wear mouth guards and studies looking at players' attitudes towards wearing mouth guards.

The study does not directly measure whether or not players who wear mouth guards are more likely to be injured. But, greater use of mouth guards would likely reduce injuries.

Field Hockey Injury Statistics

According to the study:

  • 1 out of 10 non-elite players and 1 out of two elite hockey players sustain at least one dentofacial injury in their gaming career.
  • One in eight junior and senior level players will suffer a mouth, tooth, or jaw injury
  • 38% of injuries are caused by a blow from a hockey stick
  • About 13% of junior and senior players have been injured at least once
  • Over 45% of elite players have been injured.
  • 85% of players use mouth guards, a 54% increase from 20 years ago 


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