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Doctor Charged for Involvement in a Fatal Crash

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Frank Hoffman2 years ago

Houston doctor Rezik Saqer is facing several drug related charges for his involvement in a retiree’s fatal crash last weekend, the San Antonio Express-News reports.

Dr. Saqer, a pain medication specialist, was charged Wednesday for allegedly over prescribing 68-year-old Ronald Cooper with several potent pain medications which prosecutors and police say directly contributed to causing a three car wreck resulting in multiple deaths and injuries.

Details of the Fatal Accident

Cooper, who according to his attorney suffers from a “golf-ball sized brain tumor”, had only traveled a few miles in his Hyundai sedan when he struck the back of another car carrying Roland and Melinda Sedlmeier as well as their two children.

The impact of the crash sent the Sedlmeier’s vehicle into oncoming traffic where it struck a Jeep Wrangler carrying two teenage boys. The teenage two boys suffered injuries from the wreck and the entire Sedlmeier family was pronounced dead.

Mr. Cooper, who also sustained injury from the wreck, was arrested and charged with multiple crimes related to driving while intoxicated by Montgomery County Police at the hospital.

Upon investigation of the accident scene authorities recovered several empty pain medication bottles in Mr. Cooper’s car which were prescribed to him by Dr. Saqer. It is believed that Mr. Cooper was impaired by the pain medication at the time of the crash.

Dr. Saqer, who has previously incurred discipline from the Texas Medical Board, has been accused by Prosecutors of running a “pill mill.” Police are asking any former patients or employees of the doctor to aid in the ongoing investigation of Dr. Saqer’s past by calling 936-539-7800.

Drugged Driving Data

The following information was provided by th National Institute on Drug Abuse:

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 2013-2014 National Roadside Survey found that more than 22 percent of drivers tested positive for illegal, prescription, or over the counter drugs.
  • A 2010 nationwide study of fatal crashes found that 46.5 percent of drivers who tested positive for drugs had used a prescription drug.
  • In 2010, more than one-quarter (26.2 percent) of drugged drivers in fatal accidents were 50 years of age or older, up from 14.4 percent in 1993
  • Nine out of 10 people 65 years of age and older take one or more prescription drugs, and almost 40 percent take five or more.


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