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Dollar Store Shelving Collapse Injures Eight

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Tina Robinson3 years ago

As reported by the New York Post, eight people were injured on Monday afternoon after the shelving at a 99 cent store in the Bronx collapsed, trapping victims.

Details of the Shelving Collapse

“It just collapsed in everybody who was walking through the aisles, it was horrible. I saw a woman’s hand sticking out asking for help and heard children crying.” – witness Lucy Tirado as published by the New York Post

It was a scene described by witnesses as “chaos.” Around 4 p.m. Monday the shelves at Discount Outlet in the Bronx suddenly collapsed. Several children were among the eight victims injured in the collapse.

Seven victims were described as being seriously hurt; one victim suffered only minor injuries. All of those injured are expected to survive.

Nearby shoppers quickly set out to pull people out from underneath hundreds of pounds of merchandise. 

Emergency Responders Work to Free Victims

Firefighters had to carefully remove merchandise by hand and placed on the street in order to reach victims.

Deputy Chief Anthony Montera told the Post, “A number of the shelves including the stock collapsed creating a cascading effect. We had three or four aisles of shelving that came down on the customers in the store.” 


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