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Dozens Injured in California Train Crash

Destiny Baker2 years ago

At least 51 people were injured Tuesday morning as a result of a train accident near Los Angeles.

Details of the Accident

According to FOX News, the crash occurred about 45 miles northwest of Los Angeles near Oxnard, California.

Early reports indicate the train collided with a truck and trailer around 5:44 am, causing four passenger cars to derail. Three of the passenger cars turned over.

At least 51 people are reported to be injured with four people in critical condition.

The train was on route from Ventura County to Los Angeles. Another train crash occurred on the same route in 2008. That accident resulted in 25 deaths and 135 injuries.

Train Accident Statistics

  • The Federal Railroad Administration recorded 2,087 train collisions in 2013 – up from 1,971 crashes in 2012.
  • The 2013 accidents resulted in 251 deaths and 929 injuries.
  • Three out of four train crashes which involve a motor-vehicle occur within 25 miles of the motorist’s home.


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