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Driver Killed by Truck Following a Separate Collision

Allison Denton3 years ago

A Tamarac resident was fatally struck by a passing vehicle as he attmepted to investigate the damage done to his vehicle by a hit-and-run driver.

About the Fatal Tamarac Accident

  • CBS Miami reports that early Sunday morning, 58-year-old John Jenkins died following a collision between his Nissan truck and a Chevy Avalanche.
  • Jenkins was not killed in the accident; however, after the crash, he left his vehicle to inspect the damage and was hit by another vehicle, a red Dodge truck.
  • The driver of the Dodge truck, Jerson R. Paul, 32, stayed at the scene after inadvertently hitting and killing Jenkins.
  • The driver of the Chevy Avalanche, on the other hand, fled the scene before Jenkins was struck. Police have not yet identified the person behind the wheel.
  • The Chevy Avalanche was found in the parking lot of a Pompano Beach apartment building, but residents do not know who the car belongs to.
  • Investigators are still searching for the driver of the Chevy Avalanche, not in connection to the fatality. 

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