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E-Cigarettes to Be Regulated As Tobacco Products

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Jarod Cassidy3 years ago

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a proposed rule on Thursday that, once finalized, will nationally regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products.

About the Proposed E-Cigarette Rule

According to MedpageToday, the FDA’s rule will subject e-cigarettes to age restrictions similar to those for conventional cigarettes, as well as limited marketing constraints.

The regulations will also cover cigars, pipe tobacco, water pipe tobacco, certain dissolvable tobacco products and nicotine gels. Selling these products to minors will be banned, and consumers will be required to present photo identification verifying their age upon purchase.

The document did not, however, address television advertisements and the use of “kid-friendly flavors,” though those restriction may come later once the FDA is able to present evidence demonstrating a health risk to children, such as through nicotine poisoning.

Changes Will Take Time

The FDA first said that it would regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products in 2010, after a federal district court struck down an attempt by the agency to control nicotine vaporizers as medical devices.

It was not until now that the agency finally took steps to deem the devices as being under its authority thorugh the 2009 federal Tobacco Control Act.

Additionally the draft is still subject to a public commitment period of 75 days, then a two year period in which companies will be allowed to apply to the FDA for product approval. It will not be until after the two year period that companies will be required to have label warning detailing the addictive nature of nicotine.


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