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Eighth Death Linked to Takata Airbags

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Brooke Shroyer2 years ago

Honda Motor Company revealed on Friday that a woman’s fatal car crash in September 2014 had been linked to the explosion of a Takata airbag.

Takata Airbag Safety Hazards

According to Reuters, a total of 34 million vehicles have been recalled for Takata airbags, and over 16 million vehicles have been affected in the United States alone.

U.S. highway safety regulators linked Jewel Brangman’s death in a 2014 car crash to the fault of a Takata airbag. This woman’s death is the seventh reported in the United States from Takata airbags and the eighth death worldwide.

These airbags can explode upon impact, sending dangerous shrapnel into the cabin and fatally injuring passengers. 

Details of the Takata Death

Honda stated that a salvage title was deemed to the woman’s 2001 Honda Civic in October of 2011. The car was then sold to an unidentified car rental company in San Diego, California.

In August 2014, Ms. Brangman rented the car from the rental company. Honda’s records showed that the vehicle had been recalled since July of 2009. Four recall notices were sent out to the vehicle owners since August 2009, regarding a faulty driver’s side airbag inflator. The woman was then killed from an explosion of the Takata airbag.

Honda encourages car owners to bring in recalled vehicles for safe repairs before further use. United States vehicle safety regulators are working hard to prevent the sale and rental of any recalled vehicles.


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