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Emergency Brake Failed to Stop Chicago Train

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Allison Denton3 years ago

A Chicago commuter train barreled into an escalator in O’Hare International Airport after the emergency breaking system failed to stop the train. 

About the Chicago Commuter Train Crash

According to KIII-TV, a Chicago commuter train failed to stop before barreling into the top of an escalator in O’Hare International Airport, despite the fact that the emergency breaking system was activated.

The accident occurred around 3 a.m. Monday morning, and injured around 30 train passengers. Investigators are attempting to determine whether the incident was caused by mechanical failure, human error or both.

An announcement made Tuesday suggests that a piece of emergency safety equipment might have failed and that the operator may have been dozing off. The emergency breaking system was activated, but did not ultimately prevent the train from crashing into the escalator.

Possible Human Error in Accident

Investigators are unsure, however, if the operator ever applied the in-cab break, or if she activated the emergency breaking system on time. Union representatives suggest that the operator was extremely fatigued as a result of long hours and lots of overtime.

The operator was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the incident. Transit officials are refusing to comment on safety mechanisms within the transit system while the investigation is ongoing.

Investigators plan to talk with the operator within the next few days, and are currently examining the train’s breaks, track signals, and video footage to gain clarity on the cause of the accident.


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