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Emotional Driving Just as Dangerous as Distracted Driving

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Jonathan Hernandez2 years ago

Emotional driving, or driving a vehicle while sad, agitated, annoyed, or angry, increases the risk of a crash.

Details about Emotional Driving

ABC News is reporting that driving while experiencing emotions – like being angry, sad, agitated, or annoyed – has the potential to increase the risk of crash by tenfold, according to research from Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute.

Distracted driving is also dangerous just like emotional driving, according to the research. Distracted driving more than doubles the risk of a crash. Even with this knowledge of the risk factors associated with emotional and distracted driving, this still doesn’t stop drivers from engaging in such activities.

The study says that one of the major issues that American drivers face is the urge to stay connected, indicating that the United States has fallen behind in the total number of annual traffic-related fatalities. The United States currently ranks 17th in the world.

The lead author of the study, Tom Dingus, says that if we don’t do anything to limit the number of distracting activities in our vehicles, the next generation of drivers will experience even greater risk of a crash.

Dingus further says that more than one third of the accidents that happened in the United States could be avoided if distractions were eliminated.

Distracting Activities

Distractions not only include smartphones, but also adjusting climate control and touch screen functions on cars, and even eating while driving.

The most dangerous activing are those that require reaching for something or using the cell phone. The research also showed that other activities that have generally been known as being risky activities while driving, like putting on makeup, or interacting with a child in the back seat of the vehicle were actually not quite as dangerous as other activities.


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