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Energy Drink Possible Cause of Brooklyn Man’s Death, Family to Sue

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Lauren Lopez4 years ago

In 2001, a 33-year-old Brooklyn father died from heart complications while playing basketball at a local school shortly after consuming a can of Red Bull. The man’s family is bringing suit against the company; it will be Red Bull’s first ever wrongful death suit.

Red Bull Blamed in Man's Death

According to the New York Daily News, Cory Terry, father to a thirteen year-old boy died November 8, 2011 while playing basketball in the gym of a local middle school. Within an hour of playing, Terry drank a can of Red Bull, but soon became light-headed and collapsed.

An ambulance did not arrive to the location of the medical emergency for 40 minutes and there was not a defibrillator or other life-saving devices on the premises. The official cause of death was diopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, which means the heart stopped.

The medical report indicated that Red Bull may have played a role in the man’s death. Terry was active, healthy and was not a smoker, but he was known to be an avid Red Bull drinker.

Pending Lawsuit Against Red Bull

Terry’s family is filing an $85 million dollar lawsuit against Red Bull for his wrongful death. This is the first suit of its kind that Red Bull has faced since its creation in 1987.

The suit is being brought with the hopes of raising awareness about the potential dangers of energy drink consumption.

In addition, the FDA is being called upon to impose a requirement that the company lists the risks and dangers on the cans of their product.

Dangers of Energy Drinks

Between 2004 and 2012 there have been 21 reports submitted to FDA regarding negative symptoms such as chest pain, light-headedness, fatigue, and more, attributed to Red Bull. The suit has also mention nine deaths that may have resulted from the consumption of Red Bull. Scientific data is being provided that Red Bull is hazardous to the health of the active and adolescent.

According to Live Science, the risks of energy drink ingestion include:

  • Heart complications
  • Miscarriage
  • Increased risk of alcohol injury and dependence
  • Risk of drug abuse and dependence
  • Impaired cognition

A spokeswoman for Red Bull still contends that Red Bull is not a hazard to health “because health authorities across the world have concluded that Red Bull Energy Drink is safe to consume.” She uses the fact that Red Bull has sold 35 billion cans of energy drink over the past 25 years, without incident.

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