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Experts Advise Parents Check for Recalls When Buying Kids Toys Online

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Shalini Shah1 year ago

Experts are warning parents and consumers that thousands of dangerous kid products are being sold second-hand after they have been recalled.

About the Recall Warning

Parents may believe they are getting a bargain when purchasing kids toys or items second hand online or at flea markets. These products can actually end up being dangerous for children.

According to reports, websites like Amazon and eBay have technology to block people from selling recalled items; however, other sites, like Craigslist, do not have any policy preventing these sells.

Experts say to check expiration dates on car seats because they usually expire after six years. Additionally, parents should only purchase cribs manufactured after June 2011 because that is when the new safety standards when into effect.

Consumers and parents can directly check the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) website to learn about product recalls.

Laws and Regulations Related to Resale of Products

The CPSC provides a reseller’s guide to selling safer products and their laws apply to anyone who sells or distributes consumer products. This includes thrift stores, consignment stores, charities, and those hold yard sales and flea markets.

Each product that a seller intends to sell needs to comply with CPSC standards and ensure it is not on the prohibited list. Under the law, it is illegal to sell any recalled products.

Penalties for selling products that violate the CPSC guidelines can be severe.  The law imposes $100,000 to $15,000,000 fines of individuals or companies violating this law.


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