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Experts Determine Concussions Are Treatable

Olivia Finger1 year ago

Until recently, concussions were extremely difficult to understand. A two-day symposium with roughly 40 experts came to the conclusion that a full recovery from a concussion is possible.

About the Concussion Symposium

Previously, those with concussions were told to rest. Dr. Javier Cardenas, director of Barrow Concussion and Brain Injury Center at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix now believes that this is incorrect.

During the symposium, members debated what the best options for concussion protocol and treatments should be.

According to FOX News, a Harris poll found that 71 percent of adults believed that concussions were untreatable. It is important to get the word out to coaches and athletes that this is not true.

Restriction After Concussion May Cause Depression

Those in positions where concussions are likely to occur are learning new ways to deal with a concussed patient. Traditionally, patients were to keep the body still to allow the brain to rest and recover. However, Dr. Cardenas says that restricting athletes can actually cause complications such as depression.

Before, athletes saw a concussion as a punishment in which they were taken away from the sport to rest.

As athletes become more educated, they are more likely to report injuries to the head, rather than covering them up.

Although coming up with a consensus on concussion treatment may take a while, it is important to keep athletes educated so that they are aware of other recovery treatments, Dr. Micky Collins, executive director UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program said.

Next, doctors and scientists will work to find a solution. Currently there is a movement to categorize the different types of concussions and eventually develop guidelines for treatments easily accessed by physicians so that athletes won’t have to see specialists


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