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Family of DUI Victim to receive $46 Million

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Tyler Kirchoff5 years ago

The grief-stricken parents of a 23-year-old Palm Beach graduate student will receive $46 million in a wrongful death settlement after a drunk driver killed their son in February 2010. 

Details of the Drunk Driving Accident  

  • The defendant had been entertaining business associates and drinking at a local restaurant/club prior to the auto accident
  • The drunk driver ran a stop sign, killing the victim.
  • The drunk driver was going almost twice the marked speed limit and had a blood alcohol level of .177 over twice the legal limit.
  • The drunk driver fled the scene.
  • The victim drowned at the scene of the accident when his car rolled off the road into a drainage canal. 

Details of the Wrongful Death Case   

  • The victim’s parents contended that driver’s business should be liable for the actions of their employee (he was entertaining business associates before the accident) and the restaurant should be held liable because they continued to serve alcohol to a man who was obviously intoxicated. 
  • The restaurant had served the driver a total of 16 drinks before the accident occurred and continued serving him drinks after the man was obviously intoxicated.
  • The restaurant and business agreed to pay each parent a wrongful death settlement of $23 million.    
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