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Family of Woman Killed on Roller Coaster to Sue Six Flags Over Texas

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Lauren Lopez4 years ago

According CBS, the family of 52 year-old Rosa Esparza will be suing Six Flags Over Texas for the accident that took place on the popular roller coaster “Texas Giant.” Esparza was killed on July 19, 2013 when a malfunction in the attraction occurred.

Though the law suit is pending, the Texas Giant is due to open again this upcoming weekend.

About the Tragic Six Flags Roller Coaster Accident

  • Rosa Esparza was died after being ejected from her seat where she was riding at the front of the second car.
  • In the car in front of the victim were her daughter and son-in-law, who witnessed the horrific accident. 
  • Esparza’s daughter reports that she heard her mother screaming, and upon turning around saw her dangling from the roller coaster’s car, holding on to the rail. 
  • The power and speed of the roller coaster resulted in Esparza’s ejection from the ride and plummet 75 feet below to her death.

Famil y of Woman Killed on the Texas Giant takes Legal Action

  • Indicated in the lawsuit are suggestions that the green light system, which informs the roller coaster attendant if the safety bars are sure, malfunctioned.
  • Six Flags performed an investigation where they identified “inconsistencies and intermittent failures” with the green light system.
  • Six Flags Over Texas has completed an investigation of the accident and report that there was no indication of mechanical malfunction but have failed to reveal anymore due to the pending the law suit.
  • Esparza’s family is seeking a minimum of $1 million damages for the death of their mother.

Six Flags Over Texas Responds to the Accident 

  • Six Flags Over Texas, along with completing the investigation, has since replaced the safety bar that failed to secure Esparza during the ride.  
  • Six Flags is also adding seat belts and safety bar padding, to ensure a more secure ride on the roller coaster.  Similar action was taken with the Iron Rattler at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.
  • Additionally, a sample of a coaster seat will be placed at the entrance of the attraction, so that riders may see if they adequately fit in the seat. 
Roller Coaster Accidents and Fatalities

Gathered from data collected by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System:

  • 2,800 to 4,300 non-occupational emergency-room-treated injuries were associated with mobile amusement rides for each year from 1997 through 2003.
  • Most injuries were to people between 5 and 44 years of age, and females were injured more often than males.
  • The CPSC has received reports of 55 deaths associated with both fixed-site and mobile amusement rides from 1987 to 2001.
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