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Family Sues Coaches and NCAA over Son’s Fatal Head Injury

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

According to the Washington Times, the parents of college football player Derek Sheely are suing Frostburg State University coaches and the NCAA for incompetence and egregious misconduct after their son died of a fatal head injury sustained during preseason drills.

Details of the College Football Players Death

  • Derek Sheely was a fullback and team captain for Frostburg State University in Maryland.
  • During preseason drills, players were put through full-contact exercises in which players were told to “lead with their heads” and approach their opponents “hat first.”
  • It is alleged that during these drills, several players suffered injuries including concussions.
  • The lawsuit filed by Sheely’s parents states that there were four instances over a three day span in which Sheely started bleeding “profusely from the head.”
  • The coaches allegedly bandaged his head, and put him back into the drill all four times.
  • During the final time, after Sheely complained of headaches and that he “didn’t feel right,” he was cursed at by his coach before being put back into the drills.
  • Shortly after, Sheely collapsed on the field and was rushed to an area hospital. Despite several surgeries to reduce massive brain swelling, the young man died six days later.

About the NCAA Lawsuit

“Utter incompetence, egregious misconduct, false hope and reckless disregard for player health and safety for pleayer health and safety led to the tragic death of Derek Sheely.” – legal complaint according to the Washington Times

  • The family is suing the coaches claiming that they did not take player safety into consideration as they put players with head injuries back on the field without checking for concussion.
  • They also claim the drills served no purpose as they players learned nothing from the “virtually unlimited, full contact, helmet to helmet collisions.”
  • The lawsuit claims coaches did not check that safety equipment was properly fitted after injury before putting the players back into the drills.
  • The NCAA is being sued as well NCAA health and safety director David Klossner testified earlier this year that required concussion management plans are not reviewed or enforced.
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