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Family Sues School District for ADA Violations

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Nick Naughton4 years ago

Parents of a special needs child have successfully sued a Texas school district on allegations that their child was mistreated, repeatedly, by a teacher in 2008.

Special Needs Child Injured at School

  • According to reports, the boy at the center of the case had brain damage which convifed him to a wheelchair and has left him unable to speak.
  • The parents claimed that, between 2008 and 2010, their son suffered multiple injuries due to the poor care of a teacher who frequently dropped the student while transporting him form his wheelchair.
  • As a result, boy was treated three times in the emregency roomfor simple fractures, a knee dislocation and a severe head contusion.

Parents Allege ADA Violations

  • According to the parents, the drops were the due to the teacher attempting to move the 14-year-old on her own even though school regulations requre two employees be present when the child need to be moved.
  • The plaintiffs also stated that the school failed to take action after three employees reproted physical and verbal mistreatment of special need children by the teacher, violating the boys rights under the American Disability Act.
  • The defense argued that the defendent had not mistreated the child nor any other special need children.
  • The jury awarded the family $1,000,000 after determining that the school district had violated the American Disabilities Act.
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