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Fantastic Furniture Chairs Recalled After 2 ‘Toe-Slicing’ Incidents

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Yashica Kaushal2 years ago

After a man and a child both lost toes due to Fantastic Furniture Worx chairs, the brand has recalled the item citing a “potential issue” with the design.

Two Reports of Injury Associated with Recalled Chairs

According to News Corp Australia and The Guardian, Fantastic Furniture, based in Australia, recalled about 100,000 Worx chairs after both incidents occurred.

A Sydney man, Mark Bulman, lost his middle toe after it got caught in one of the inner legs as he tripped. He says he is still not used to missing a toe and is seeking financial compensation for his injuries.

The chair passed control tests after this incident. Then Trae McGovern, an 11-year-old boy, lost part of his toe after stubbing it against the chair while attending a family barbecue.  

Further Details About the Worx Chair Recall

Other retailers sell almost identical chairs but only Fantastic’s Worx chairs are known to have sliced off appendages.

Fantastic Furniture has 74 stores across Australia and all of them are recalling this particular model after the request made by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The chair is also no longer available on Fantastic Furniture’s website.   


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