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Father Blames TxDOT for Death of His Daughter

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Kelsey Tucker2 years ago

A 10-year-old girl was killed on Mother's Day when a SUV slammed into the vehicle she was in, and her father blames the Texas Department of Transportation for lack of barriers to protect them.

About the Fatal Accident

On 35W in Alvarado, a hydroplaning SUV crossed into northbound traffic and slammed head-on into Brian Cowie's car, killing his only child, Vera Cowie. Vera was buckled in the back, but died at the scene.

“I understand what happened. I just don't understand why”, says Cowie. 

What angered Cowie the most was that the SUV crossed over on a half-mile section of freeway that doesn't have any median barriers. 

“There were no cables or barriers or anything,” he said. “The car went straight up over it.”

TxDOT Failed to Install Barrier

According to the state agency, they spent $2 million to install “high tension cable” barriers. In a 2006 news release, the Texas Department of Transportation even bragged about making safety improvements.

Though TxDOT was less talkative about this story, it told News 8 that it never installed any type of median barrier because there hadn't been any crossover wrecks in the last five years.

Val Lopez, a TxDOT spokesman from the agency's Fort Worth District, said, “This particular location will be under consideration for future safety improvements.” His statement was e-mailed to to News 8, but would not agree to an interview.

Cowie further explained: “There should have been cables. Had there been cables, this would be a two-car accident. One person would have gone to the hospital; the other would have walked away. Instead there were no cables, and my daughter died from that.”

Police said that Vera was properly restrained and her family took all of the safety precautions. The car she was in had front and side air bags.


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