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Faulty Tire Leads to Amputation, Tire Recall

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adriana_trevino2 years ago

A lawsuit filed following a San Antonio accident has resulted in the recall of more than 180,000 tires.

About the Tire Recall Related Accident

After two years of bouncing back from a physical and emotional struggle, one woman is speaking up in hopes that no one else suffers the same pain she has had to endure.

According to Fox San Antonio, nearly two years ago along I-37, a young woman was traveling in her SUV when all of a sudden, her vehicle rolled over due to the separation of tread from the tire. The tire malfunction caused the woman to suffer major injuries, including the amputation of one of her arms.

The woman’s subsequent lawsuit prompted the recall of “Capitol Precision Trac II” tires. Sold under the brand, “Hercules”, the investigation resulted in more research and the most recent recall of more than 180,000 SUV sized tires.

SUV Tire Tread Recalls Specifications

Tires included in the Hercules recall are:

  • Trac A/T tires
  • Tire Sizes: 235/70R16 106T, 235/75R15 109T XL, 245/70R16 107T, 255/70R16 111T, 265/70R16 112T, 265/75R16 116T and 275/70R16 114T
  • For Inspection & Refunds: Call Hercules at 1-888-943-2402 and refer to this specific recall as “01-2015


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