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FDA Warns of Toy Lasers Causing Eye Injuries

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a new warning for toy lasers which can cause serious eye injuries in children.

Toy Laser Injuries

“A beam shone directly into a person’s eye can injure it in an instant, especially if the laser is a powerful one.” – Dan Hewett, FDA’s Center of Devices and Radiological Health as published by Fox News

  • The injuries occur when the toy laser is shone into a child’s eye either intentionally or on accident.
  • The injuries normally do not hurt, and they will often go unnoticed for days or even weeks.
  • Injuries may lead to the deterioration of vision and may cause permanent eye damage including blindness.
  • The FDA warns that the lasers may be a danger not only to the child with the toy, but also those in the range of the beam.

Facts about Toy Lasers

  • According to the FDA, the lasers can be found on a number of toys including:

    • Lasers mounted on toy guns for aiming.
    • Tops that project laser patterns as they spin.
    • Handheld lasers used during play as lightsabers.
    • Lasers in entertainment devices that project patterns onto the walls of a room
  • The FDA warns that the lasers should never be aimed directly at a person’s eye or at a reflective surface.
  • Parents should look on the products label for a statement that the product complies with “21 CFR Subchapter J.” This will determine if the laser is in accordance to the Code of Federal Regulaitons.
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