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Five People Killed in Accident after Van Lands on Top of Car

Tina Robinson3 years ago

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, a tragic car accident on Sunday morning in Hesperia, California left five people dead, including three children. Authorities say a van crossed into oncoming traffic, struck a car, and came to rest on top of a second vehicle.

More about the Fatal Crash

  • According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the crash happened just before 7 a.m. at the intersection of Main Street and Balsam Avenue in Hesperia.
  • A van swerved across the center line for reasons unknown, hit a car, and was launched into the air where it came to rest on top of a Honda sedan that was stopped a stop sign.
  • A woman and girl in the Honda were pronounced dead at the scene; a man and boy from the same vehicle were taken to the hospital where they later died from injuries sustained in the crash.
  • As emergency crews worked to clean-up the wreck, the body of a third boy was found inside the remains of the Honda.
  • The driver, a male whose identity has not been released, was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Police are still investigating the crash, and no arrests have been made in connection.

California Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

According to the California Highway Patrol, there were 2,835 motor vehicle-related fatalities in 2011 in the state of California. That same year approximately 225,602 people were injured in motor vehicle collisions. 


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