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Fix Announced for Hyundai Elantra Stability Issue

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Yashica Kaushal2 years ago

Hyundai is recalling the Elantra after NHTSA found an issue with its electronic stability control system.

About the Electronic Stability Control Issue

The electronic stability control allows brakes to be applied automatically if there is a major difference in the drivers steering input and the yaw angle of the car. The engine throttle is also lowered to stop power skids and allow brakes to function correctly.

According to NSEA Voice, the yaw sensor for the electronic stability control system in the Hyundai Elantra has an impairment that can cause the application of one or both brakes and cut off power to the engine when it is not needed.

The issue has affected a total of 155,000 vehicles produced between October 29, 2011 and October 25, 2011.

Owners have been notified of the recall and are expected to bring their vehicles in for inspection. Once that is done, Hyundai will replace any malfunctioning parts with no additional charge to the consumer.

Benefits of the Electronic Stability Control Issue

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this technology can seriously reduce traffic incidents and fatalities.

Half of the fatal passenger vehicle crashes that occur are single vehicle accidents. Equipping cars with this new technology can reduce risk of involvement by half. It can also reduce risk of rollovers by 70 percent. 


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