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Ford Recalls 37,000 2015 F-150s

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Olivia Finger2 years ago

Ford Motor Company has announced that they will be recalling nearly 40,000 of their popular F-150 trucks.

Details of the Ford F-150 Recall

Nearly 37,000 2015 Ford F-150 pickup trucks are also being recalled for a possible issue with the adaptive cruise control radar.

If the truck were to pass a highly reflective vehicle, it could potentially identify the vehicle as being in the same road lane as the F-150 when it in fact is not.

This could lead to the application of the brakes until the truck approaching the F-150 has passed.

The faulty sensor may lead to the flashing of the collision warning system light, followed by a light sound. This will activate the brake lights, which could lead to highway collision or the truck could be rear-ended.

Dealers will fix the system free of charge for all customers.

Other Ford Recalls

  • 2015 Ford Taurus’, Lincoln MKS’, and 2016 Ford Explorer’s will be recalled because of loose fuel tank attachment bolts. Ford issued a statement allowing the 250 vehicles to be tightened for free by dealers
  • 1,500 Ford F-53 and F-59’s are being recalled for a subpar shift control bracket. These 2016 vehicles were not properly manufactured; therefore, the vehicle may shift into reverse before the brakes can be applied. This unwarranted response can lead to a variety of issues.
  • Lastly, 2016 For Fusion and Lincoln MKZ sedans have been recalled for poorly build fuel tanks that could crack or leak. Roughly 700 of these vehicles are subject to a free replacement tanks from Ford dealerships.


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