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Fourteen Hurt After FDNY Truck Strikes MTA Bus

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Lilly Lentz1 year ago

According to ABC7 News, a firetruck in New York collided with a bus, leaving fourteen people injured.

Details About the Bus Collision

Sunday afternoon in Queens, New York, a Fire Department of New York truck crashed into a MTA bus while responding to a fire that was about six blocks from the crash scene. The crash caused the bus to end up on the sidewalk, barely avoiding crashing into a storefront, as well as hitting people that were eating at an outdoor café just on the corner. The bus didn’t crash into a building due to the fact that it crashed into two parked cars.

The accident occurred at the intersection between Ditmars Boulevard and 21st Street in Astoria. The crash happened just before 12:30 on Sunday. The bus was headed down 21st street, while the fire truck was headed down Ditmars Boulevard.

Fourteen people were left hurt as a result of the crash, with two being firefighters and one being a passenger on the bus. According to witnesses, pregnant women and young children were present on the bus during the time of the accident. Despite the injuries, everybody involved in the accident are expected to be alright.

According to one firefighter, “the driver of that truck was hanging outside the window. I immediately ran over to try to hold him up. He was bleeding. I was holding him up while the other firefighter came around to try to open the door, because at that time, the truck started rolling, so I was holding him. I was moving with him”.

Bus and Truck Crash Statistics

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (2014):

  • Of the approximately 411,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks in 2014, 3,424 (1 percent) resulted in at least one fatality, and 82,000 (20 percent) resulted in at least one nonfatal injury
  • The majority (63 percent) of fatal large truck crashes involved two vehicles.
  • Approximately 61 percent of all fatal crashes involving large trucks occurred on rural roads and 26 percent on rural or urban Interstate highways.
  • Collision with a vehicle in transport was the first harmful event (the first event during a crash that resulted in injury or property damage) in 73 percent of fatal crashes involving large trucks, 83 percent of injury crashes involving large trucks, and 75 percent of property damage only crashes involving large trucks.


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