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French Health Minister: Bial and Biotrail at Fault for Fatal Drug Trial

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adriana_trevino1 year ago

According to Reuters, French Health Minister Marisol Touraine commented on a failed drug test has left five people hospitalized and one dead.

About the Fatal Clinical Trial

Officials allege Portuguese drug maker Bial and French laboratory Biotrial are responsible for the injuries and death on “several accounts.”

The drug that was tested was designed to treat mood and anxiety issues as well as coordination disorders linked to neurological issues; however. all further clinical trials for the drug have suspended.

France is currently working with the European Commission and the European Medicines Agency to improve trial practices at an international level.

Why Bial and Biotrial Are at Fault

Although the conditions in which the test was approved did not break the law, the problem with the trials had to do with the dosage prescribed and the time it took to alert authorities.

Touraine criticized the way Biotrial handled the situation, since they had been slow to react when the first subject became ill. Ultimately, they were found at fault for not properly informing the volunteers and not following proper testing protocol. 


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