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Garland Coach Receives 35 Years for Sexual Abuse

Katie Chapman3 years ago

According to the San Antonio Express-News, a man whom formerly coached a Dallas-area soccer team has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for the molestation of two 9-year-old boys that were on his team.

Dallas-Area Soccer Coach Continuosly Molested Two 9-Year-Old Boys

Former children’s soccer coach Bernardo Mondragon-Guzman, 43, has been sentenced to 35 years in prison after he continuously molested two 9-year-old boys on his soccer team.

According to prosecutors, Mondragon-Guzman treated them like a father would by giving them rides to and from practice and taking them to fast food restaurants and amusement parks.

The prosecution stated that during these trips, Mondragon-Guzman and the boys would stop at his house where he would molest them. Nude photos two boys were found on Mondragon-Guzman’s cell phone.

Investigators have found evidence suggesting other children were molested as well.

Former Coach Receives Two 20-Year Terms Simultaneously with 35-Year Sentence

“I’m glad that you’re in jail. I feel angry with you.” – one of Mondragon-Guzman’s victims has published by the Dallas Morning News

According to the Dallas Morning News, Mondragon-Guzman was arrested in 2012, and pleaded guilty to the continuous sexual abuse and public indecency of a child. The former coach’s sentence was announced Tuesday by a Dallas judge.

Mondragon-Guzman was sentenced to two 20-year terms for indecency with a child and will be served concurrently. The former coach is not eligible for parole in his 35-year sentence.

One of the boys, now 11, confronted Mondragon-Guzman after his sentencing.  The young boy managed two short sentences before returning to his seat in tears, grasping the blue leash of his therapy dog, Roper.


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