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Gas Leak Accident Caused by Lawn Mower

Baisha Kreuzer5 years ago

On Wednesday, July 25, a neighborhood in Little Elm avoided what could have potentially been a much worse accident, according to a story reported in Star Local News. A person was mowing his lawn in front of his house when he unknowingly dislocated a small metal rod that was lodged into an underground gas line.

About the Incident

According to news outlets, as the rod was dislodged, natural gas was escaping everywhere and the Fire Department arrived shortly at 11:55 am to control the leak. They controlled traffic and kept the area safe until CoServ could shut the gas off. The company temporarily fixed the line so residents could have hot water and relight their gas pilots. The next morning, the repair was completed.

What to do in a Gas Leak

  • According to Star Local News, immediately leave the area and any equipment near the suspected leak.
  • From a safe distance, call 911, notify your local electricity provider, and warn others.
  • Do not to touch, breathe, or make eye contact with the leaking gas.
  • Stay upwind from the leak, and do not attempt to do things such as light a match, start an engine, operate any kind of machinery, use a telephone, etc.
  • Do not attempt to extinguish any pipeline fires that may occur nor drive in the direction of a leak.
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