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GM Ignition Fix Will Take Over 6 Months

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Jarod Cassidy3 years ago

Earlier this month, General Motors CEO Mary Barra stated that GM would not have enough replacement parts to repair the 1.6 million recalled vehicles equipped with defective ignition switches until October.

However, with Friday’s recall of an additional 970,000 vehicles, owners can expect their wait to be even longer.

GM Owners Left in Limbo

According to USA Today, dealers can expect to begin receiving replacement switches on April 7; however, due to the enormous number of affected vehicles, some owners will have to wait months before their vehicles can be repaired.

While early reports suggested that the repairs could be completed by October, the addition of another 970,000 vehicles to the recall has left consumers wondering how long it will be until their vehicles are once again considered safe to drive.

Consumers were also taken aback when GM revealed that the replacement switches would be manufactured by Delphi, the same company behind the production of the faulty ignition switches responsible for at least 13 deaths.

GM Struggles to Provide Loaners

General Motors continues to assure the press and federal officials that all owners of the recalled vehicles are eligible for a free loaner until the necessary repairs are made. Reports from consumers, however, suggest that this is not the case.

Complaints by the owners allege that some dealers are denying access to interim cars and others are out of loaner vehicles entirely. Customers are experiencing similar issues when contacting GM’s recall hotline. One customer claims that his request was denied by a GM representative who told him that GM “can’t provide [rental cars] to everyone.”

With a motion compelling GM to issue a “Do Not Drive” notice for the recalled vehicles still pending, it is likely that loaner shortages will only get worse as time passes.


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