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Greyhound Bus Accident Injures 29

adriana_trevino1 year ago

A trip to New York City ended painfully for more than two dozen people Tuesday evening when a Greyhound bus crashed, injuring 29 people on board.  

About the Greyhound Bus Accident

According to NBC New York, the Greyhound bus was traveling from Atlanta, Georgie to New York when the bus’s tire blew out, causing the bus to veer off the side of the road and skim several trees.

A Greyhound representative confirmed that there were nearly 50 people on the bus, 29 of whom suffered various injuries. The injured occupants were transported to a nearby hospital. The other passengers were placed on other buses to continue their journey to a Greensboro stop.

The cause of the tire blowout is still unknown – an investigation is underway.

Tire Failure Statistics

  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), defective tires result in roughly 8,000 motor vehicle accidents every year.
  • A report by Michelin found that tire blowouts cause in approximately 535 deaths and 23,000 collisions annually.
  • Among the leading causes of tire blowouts are:
    • Poor or defective design
    • Inadequate curing process
    • Inadequate skim stock
    • Improper belt placement
    • Faulty wheel assemblies


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