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Halco ProLED Bulbs Recalled – Burn Hazard

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Morgan Cain3 years ago

Halco Lighting Technologies LLC has issued a recall of approximately 9,500 LED bulbs. The recall was initiated due to the possiblity of impact and burn hazards.

About the Pro LED Bulb Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that the LED light bulbs can overheat and fall onto consumers below.  This impact can cause injuries and poses a possible burn hazard.  The CPSC encourages consumers to immediately stop using the Halco ProLED bulbs and remove the bulbs from the fixture.

Light Bulb Incidents Reported

There have been five reports of the LED bulbs separating from the socket and falling.  There have been no reports of injuries at this time.

Description of Recalled LED Bulbs
  • The recall involves 14 Halco LED bulb models used in recessed lights. The following is a list of the model numbers, product names, and production date codes:
    • Model #80643 (PAR30/14WW/NFL/LED) with Production Date Codes from 12/2010-12/2011

    • Model #80644 (PAR30/14WW/FL/LED) with Production Date Codes from 09/2010-10/2011

    • Model #80645 (PAR30/14WW/VWFL/LED) with Production Date Codes from 05/2010-07/2011

    • Model #80646 (PAR30/14NW/NFL/LED) with Production Date Codes from 11/2010-03/2012

    • Model #80647 (PAR30/14NW/FL/LED) with Production Date Codes from 03/2011-03/2012

    • Model #80648 (PAR30/14NW/VWFL/LED) with Production Date Codes from 09/2010-08/2011

    • Model #80674 (PAR30/14WW/SP/LED2) with Production Date Codes from 03/2010-04/2011

    • Model #80676 (PAR30/14WW/FL/LED2) with Production Date Codes from 03/2010-09/2011 

    • Model #80678 (PAR30/14NW/SP/LED2) with Production Date Codes from 03/2010-12/2010

    • Model #80680 (PAR30/14NW/FL/LED2) with Production Date Codes from 03/2010-11/2010

    • Model #80757 (PAR30/14WW/FL/GU24/LED) with Production Date Codes from 06/2011-03/2012 

    • Model #80758 (PAR30/14NW/FL/GU24/LED) with Production Date Codes from 06/2011-07/2011 

    • Model #80670 (PAR38/18WW/FL/LED) with Production Date Codes from 05/2009-05/2011

    • Model #80671 (PAR38/18NW/FL/LED) with Production Date Codes from 05/2009-09/2011

  • The bulbs have a metal cone-shaped housing; they are silver in color and are either 14 or 18 watts.
  • ProLED is printed on a label on the plastic housing of the bulb: model number, product names, and date codes can also be found on this label.
  • These LED bulbs are sold at lighting retailers and distributors nationwide from June 2009 through March 2014.  They cost between $20 and $100.


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