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Head Injuries Common in Women’s Field Hockey

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Victoria Burguess2 years ago

Researchers reviewing injury statistics from the NCAA women’s field hockey teams have found that injuries involving the head are very prominent.

Possible Head Injuries from Women’s Field Hockey

According to Reuters, data indicates that concussions make up about 43% of these injuries.

The majority of these injuries are caused from impact with the ball or stick.

In the years between 2004 and 2008, researchers at Yale University held a study to determine if woman field hockey players should wear helmets and goggles to assist in preventing such injuries; however, the data collected was only from about 9% of the approximately 250 NCAA schools with women’s field hockey.

Field Hockey Injury Statistics Highlighted in the Study

The NCAA only keeps records of injuries that resulted in missed games. Almost half of the injuries sustained during the sport were from an elevated ball, with the other half consisted of contact with the stick or another player.

About 77% of the concussions allowed the players to be back in the game within 10 days, and very few did not permit the player to play for the rest of the season. Behind concussions, lacerations to the face were the most common form of injury sustained from the sport.

In all, the evidence suggested that the injuries sustained from the sport did not seem to be overly severe. Less protective gear that is required to be worn includes mouth guards and headwear for medical purposes was deemed adequate, though the study did highlight a need to ensure currently playing rules are enforced.


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