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Healthy Relationships for Child Abuse Survivors May Prevent Depression

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Liana DeMasi2 years ago

According to Reuters, a recent study done by Kimberly Henry from Colorado State University says that stable romantic relationships for child abuse survivors can actually prevent depression.

About the Child Abuse Survivor Study

The researchers studied a group of 99 child abuse survivors compared to 386 participants not exposed to child abuse. They followed each group of participants for 12 years in order to see if child abuse would influence whether or not they could sustain satisfying romantic relationships and their likelihood of depression.

The study showed that, although abuse survivors were more likely to be depressed, both survivors and non-survivors were able to have stable relationships and were less likely to experience depression while in those stable relationships.

Interestingly, those who experienced child abuse did not need to be in a relationship for a certain amount of time for the depression prevention to set in; however, non-survivors needed longer relationships in order to not experience depression. 

Facts About Child Abuse

  • In 2012, Child Protective Services were informed about 3.4 million child abuse cases. 
  • In 2012, children younger than 1 year of age had the highest rate of victimization. 
  • 80.3% of abusers were parents of the children being abused. 
  • In 2012, around 1,640 children were killed from child abuse. 
  • Of those fatalities, 70% were in children younger than 3. 


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