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Helicopter carrying Oklahoma Accident Victim Lands in Texas Field

Lucrecia Guerra3 years ago

A medical helicopter carrying a car crash victim had to make an emergency landing on Monday in northeast Texas after the chopper lost power for unknown reasons, according to Tulsa World News.

About the Texas Field Landing

A medical helicopter lost power and was forced to make an emergency landing at a Northeast Texas soybean field. The helicopter was transporting a traffic accident victim from Idabel, Oklahoma, a paramedic and a nurse from to a hospital in Texarkana. According to the Department of Public Safety, nobody was hurt in the emergency landing. However, substantial damage was sustained to the helicopter itself in the landing. The reasons of the power loss are unknown and are currently under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration. The name and condition of the patient were not published. 

Helicopter Accident Statistics

The following helicopter accident statistics are provided by PPRuNe.

  • 327 people were killed due to chopper fatals, in 2012
  • 465 helicopter accidents happened, in 2012
  • 50% (approximately) of chopper accidents occurred in the United States, in 2012


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