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High School Students Injured During Pep Rally Performance

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Hillary Dunkley1 year ago

According to Reuters, more than a dozen students were injured last week when a flaming baton act went wrong during a high school pep rally.

About the Incident

Seven students were hospitalized and at least 12 others were treated at the scene after breathing in fire extinguisher residue following an incident in which a performer caught on fire while performing tricks with a flaming baton.

The purpose of the rally was to encourage the students for the upcoming Florida Standardized Assessment exams.

The students injuries were not considered life-threatening, but the performer has been hospitalized with serious injuries.

Information on Burn Injuries

Nearly 500,000 people sustain burn injuries every year due to fires, explosions, and other related accidents.

Burn injuries can be caused from defective household products to car accidents or scalding liquids, electrical shock, or a chemical reaction.

According to the American Burn Association:

  • In 2010, 450,000 people had burn injuries that needed medical attention
  • Over half of those treated for burn injuries were sent to a burn center
  • 3,500 died from fire/burn injuries
  • 75% of deaths happened at the scene or during the trip to the hospital

There are three classifications of burn injuries:

  • First degree: Damage to the outer layer of skin
  • Second degree:  Damage to the outer layer and layer underneath
  • Third degree:  Damage is done to the deepest layer of skin and tissues underneath, will usually need skin grafts


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