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Hockey Player Paralyzed After Accident During Game

Jonathan Hernandez12 months ago

A hockey player has been paralyzed after a freak accident that happened during a game.

Details about the Hockey Accident

NBCDFW News is reporting that a hockey player from the Chicago Cougars is now paralyzed below the shoulders after he was involved in a freak accident that happened during a game last week.

The hockey player, 20-year-old defenseman Matt Olson, was hurt in the first period of a home game against the Illiana Blackbirds of northwest Indiana.

The business manager of the Cougars, Mike Tompkins, said that Matt was paralyzed from the shoulders down after he hit a rut or a groove in the ice and slid face first into the boards.

Olson’s mother wrote that Matt suffered a serious spinal injury that resulted in permanent damage.

Olson is currently breathing through mechanical assistance and is able to communicate only through eye movement. Matt has also been conscious since the time of the accident.

Important Information about Spinal Injuries

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC):

  • The leading causes of spinal injuries are: acts of violence (gunshot wounds), falls, sports and recreation activities, and vehicle accidents.
  • 80 percent of new spinal cord injury cases are in males.
  • There are about 12,500 new cases of spinal cord injury in the United States every year. 


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